The lockdown is obviously a unique and disturbing experience. On the one hand, I am quite solitary, and as a conceptual photographer I always work alone – often at home. I am thus lucky to be able to keep on creating my sceneries without leaving my apartment. But on the other hand, the current crisis produces complex emotions, sometimes hard to deal with, because they are completely new. These are feelings between fear and hope, isolation and solidarity.
In order to apprehend these feelings, I decided to express them through my usual surreal self-portraits. I convert emotions into sceneries that help escape the daily life of self-isolation. I don’t want these pictures to be too dark or depressing though: it is more about exploring our relation to time, to loneliness and even fear, which are not necessarily entirely negative. Creating new works becomes a way of pushing the walls, of being at the same time in my home and elsewhere. It is liberating.

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